About Alex Mills

Welcome to a space where social media isn’t a burden but a joy, and your brand becomes a digital powerhouse. My purpose is to simplify the complexities of social media with simple yet strategic creative solutions.

Crafting content that not only tells your story but also drives tangible ROI is my specialty. From developing effective social strategies aligned with your objectives and resources, to cost-efficient content creation and influencer campaigns, I’m here to make your brand stand out.

For small businesses, entrepreneurs, and advertising agencies, I offer bespoke and flexible solutions. Dive into a free discovery call, and we can explore how to elevate your brand’s social media presence.

Who am I?

I’m your ‘Unicorn’— a strategist, producer, social media manager and creative rolled into one.

With a rich background spanning ad agencies, start-ups, and larger in-house roles across diverse industries, I’ve made my mark with a trail of award-winning campaigns.

Driven by a passion for businesses of all sizes, I’ve transitioned into an independent consultant role. This enables me to bring specialised expertise to small businesses that can’t afford a full-scale agency, all while staying plugged into the agency world. I provide senior social consultancy across retained accounts, major projects, and competitive pitches.

Thriving in collaboration, I’ve forged successful partnerships between brands and nurtured strong relationships with clients, production partners, social media platforms, and talent management teams.

But it doesn’t stop there. I extend mentorship and guidance to less experienced but equally passionate social media creators, helping elevate their social media presence and offering a seasoned perspective in the industry

My Journey

My journey hasn’t followed a traditional trajectory—a quality I consider a major asset, as I’m not one to stick to the comfort zone.

Hailing from a small town in the east of England, my roots are in music, football and entertainment. I spent many years in the music industry before shifting towards the dynamic realms of social media and content creation, and making the move to Australia for fresh challenges.

In the Land Down Under, I quickly engaged with major brands in the Asia Pacific, achieving industry milestones and crafting award-winning work in both B2B and B2C spaces.

From developing the first-ever Australian Snapchat lens to covering the Olympics in Rio for Optus and launching a weekly YouTube Livestream for Adobe, I fearlessly embraced diverse challenges.

True to my entrepreneurial spirit and passion for punk rock and DIY culture, I transitioned into an independent consultant role. This move allowed me to champion the underdog—supporting local businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits with big dreams but small budgets in accelerating their social media marketing.

Balancing this, I consult for advertising and PR agencies, collaborating with industry giants, bouncing ideas with bright minds, and delivering substantial projects. Simultaneously, I carve out the headspace to provide cost-efficient solutions for small businesses who need support but can’t justify a full agency team.

Relationship building is my forte.

With a proven track record of fostering fantastic relationships across clients, production studios, talent management, social media platforms, and fellow freelancers, I pride myself on being the go-to person for solutions or connecting with the right minds even in challenging situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

I charge based on the scope of the project as well as things like short, medium or long-term agreements where discounts can apply. That said, I can agree to simple hourly consulting packages for various tasks if the full level of support remains tbc.

Agencies are great – I split my time between working part-time within agencies, I remain close friends with many of my past employers and have delivered some of my best work within the agency environment. Many of you reading might need the support of an agency team with a client service lead, copywriter, producer, designer and more.

The fundamental difference is cost. I am a one-man band I can seamlessly juggle strategy, production and creative tasks. I don’t have overhead costs or shareholder profits to consider, so I can charge a competitive rate. You also benefit from senior expertise handling the day-to-day tasks that agencies often delegate to junior members, and someone with a sharp focus on platform best-practises, which can sometimes be overshadowed by agency leads’ operational priorities.

Would I deliver the same quality as a full agency team? I doubt it. Would I be better value for money? I’m confident I would be.

I’d say more like a King of most trades who doesn’t put himself into a particular box. I’ve embraced the term ‘swiss army knife’ that my agencies have often called me.

I usually agree to a set number of days / hours a week for a specific period. My focus is generally creative strategy, project management or social media production. I’ve been client-facing and ran social media accounts for agency clients, or I’ve been a behind-the-scenes fly on the wall guiding agencies on how to elevate their current offerings or find efficiencies with key accounts. Whatever works best for you.

No. With paid social, my skills are in creative strategy and I normally work with media specialists when it comes to the practicalities of execution, running and optimising.

If this is something you’re interested in, we would partner up and engage you as a collective, charging our services to you separately but approaching as a collective team, just like you would a media agency and creative agency working together.

Technically I can, but I’d recommend finding an Art Director to do this, or if your budgets are tight you could easily find a junior designer on Upwork.

Clients I Work With

Awards And Nominations

Best Technology Campaign

Lenovo Precious Metals
Shorty Impact Awards

Responsible Consumption and Production

Lenovo Precious Metals
2023 Shorty Impact Awards

Best B2B Campaign

Lenovo Precious Metals 2023 PRIA Golden Target Awards

Best B2B

Lenovo Precious Metals
2023 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

Best B2B

Nearmap Leafiest Suburbs
PRIA Golden Target Awards

Best B2B

Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

Best B2B Campaign

#AdobeCQ 2021 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

Large Agency
of The Year

WE Communications
Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

Excellence in Olympic Marketing

Optus #FanUpAUS
AOC Innspiration Awards

B2B Campaign

Lenovo Precious Metals 2023 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific (finalist)

Best Technology Software & Services

Lenovo Precious Metals 2023 SABRE Awards Asia-Pacific Campaign (finalist)

Best Influencer

Adobe x Made Here (runner up) 2020 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

Best Technology: Software & Services Campaign

Lenovo Precious Metals (finalist) 2023 SABRE Asia-Pacific Awards

Best B2C

#YourWorldYourCanvas (finalist) 2022 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

Best Digital & Social Media Campaign

Adobe #FromMeToYou (finalist) 2021 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

Best Content Marketing Strategy

#AdobeCQ (finalist)
B&T Awards

Best Use of

Adobe Live (finalist) 2019 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

Best Digital Campaign

#AdobeCQ (finalist) 2021 B&T Awards

Best Use of Technology

Adobe Live (finalist) 2019 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

Best Use of Technology

Adobe Live (finalist) 2019 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

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