Magimix: Maximizing Results with Efficient Strategy


Helping renowned Food Processors Magimix revamp their social strategy, maximising their limited resources to increase awareness among a younger demographic.

The Challenge

Magimix sought to refresh their social strategy to enhance brand awareness in Australia amongst a younger demographic, whilst continuing to engage their core audience of 50+ foodies, chefs and high-income families.

They also wanted to explore how they can navigate their limited resources and budget constraints to drive efficiencies across their team.


The strategy implementation unfolded in two phases:

Discovery Phase: Delving into Magimix’s product suite, brand identity, and industry landscape. Through comprehensive competitor analysis and social media performance audits, I identified opportunities and potential gaps.

Social Playbook: Building on insights from the discovery phase, I crafted a tailored social proposition. This playbook outlined social media’s role within the broader marketing mix, identified content pillars, devised channel strategies, and provided a sample content calendar for seamless execution.



A classic strategist task – independent research, social listening, and creative strategy formulation. I contributed thought-provoking ideas and execution examples across various content pillars, including Product Awareness, Cooking Hacks, Recipes, and Community Engagement.

Main Recommendations Included

  • Streamlining content volume
  • Prioritizing Reels with a low-fi UGC approach
  • Duplicating assets for efficient scalability
  • Refining content targeting strategies
  • Introducing more Behind-The-Scenes content 
  • Consolidating static content into carousels
  • Explore gifting with food influencers (in lieu of budget for sponsorship)


The Numbers

Since implementing the revised strategy, Magimix has witnessed significant improvements in performance metrics, despite reducing their output as they focused on quality over quantity.

Reach Increase
0 %
Engagement Increase
0 %
Content Volume
0 %
“Alex goes above and beyond what you would expect from a consultant. He has a knack for quickly grasping the essence of a brand and its goals. He took the time to understand our unique voice and target audience before diving into strategy.

But Alex isn't just about ideas – he puts real effort into his work. He delivers well-researched and data-driven recommendations. We appreciated how Alex always keeps our team's resources in mind, and he tailors his suggestions accordingly. This makes it easy for us to implement his plans and see positive results. His strategies have been highly effective for our social media presence.”
Meg Reyes
Magimix Marketing Specialist


By implementing targeted adjustments to their strategy, Magimix has achieved a more balanced approach, freeing up time for experimentation with new content ideas and dedicating resources to other initiatives.

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