Marrickville Metro: A Journey of Connection and Community


Elevating GPT Group’s Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre through strategic content planning, dynamic shortform video production, and thoughtful social media management.

The Challenge

Amidst personnel changes, GPT Group sought a local expert to revitalise their social media presence, offer support to small businesses, and weave meaningful connections within the vibrant Marrickville community.

The goal: genuine, relatable content that captured the essence of Australia’s coolest suburb.

My Role

As the trusted guide, I took on their full-scale social media management and content creation duties. 

A meticulously crafted content schedule set the stage, with shoots organised to ensure a balanced monthly content flow. I attended activations, shared live stories for ongoing interaction, and managed Reels with a mix of same-day urgency and planned flexibility.

The focus was clear: spotlighting the shopping centre’s uniqueness and resonating with a diverse audience, ranging from local families to Inner-West hipsters. Simultaneously, we boosted retailer morale by offering targeted promotion and support.

From tapping into their image database to orchestrating, shooting, and editing videos spanning restaurants, retailers, activations, and promotions – every piece was aimed at editorial storytelling. 

The Numbers

Our focus was on engagement and community building, which resulted in the following:

Audience Growth
0 %
Engagement Increase
0 %
Reach Increase
0 %


What began as a temporary solution transformed into a long-term, impactful 10-month partnership until a new agency centralised operations across several centres.

My support spanned crucial promotional periods – Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, and Valentines – solidifying Marrickville Metro’s place as a heartwarming community hub, with relationships cemented with several of the stores.

Credits: Direct Relationship
Clients: GPT Group: Paul Mansfield, Chelsea Smith and Drishya Prasad

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