Adobe Your World Your Canvas: Transforming Urban Landscapes into Digital Art


Adobe aimed to localise its global Photoshop campaign “The World Is Your Canvas” for the diverse Asia-Pacific audience. Through creative content and influencer engagement, the campaign encouraged artists across the region to transform urban Asian landscapes into digital masterpieces using Adobe Photoshop.

The Challenge

Adobe needed to connect with a new generation of creatives and promote their flagship product Photoshop. A global TVC shot in New York was a great start, but we needed to tailor this to meet the needs and preferences of APAC audiences.


We turned the campaign into a local engagement platform where users could interact with and reimagine the environment around them.

Deploying photographers across the region, they captured ordinary photos of locations in recognisable Asian cities for us to turn into downloadable cityscape canvases that users could download and transform in exchange for cash prizes.


As the project manager and social strategist, my responsibilities included developing the campaign strategy, sourcing the cityscape templates, identifying and recruiting influencers to launch the campaign and provide Photoshop tutorials for users to follow along.

I coordinated content creation efforts across multiple languages and platforms, and overseeing the campaign’s execution from concept to implementation.


The campaign was an overwhelming success, blowing away all expectations with the quality of their work.

So much so, that we ended up sharing our winners’ artworks across subway stations in Seoul and in Australian Students Unions, extending the campaign well beyond competition closing date. We even reopened the competition due to popular demand, making it an evergreen initiative.

The campaign was nominated for Best B2C Campaign at the 2022 Mumbrella CommsCon Awards

The Numbers

Visits to the landing page reached an all-time high, both in terms of numbers and engagement on site.

Product Trials
Website Traffic
0 x Target

Client: Adobe
Agency: WE Communications Australia
Media Partners: Isobar & Forward PMX

Client: JB Saulnier
Creative Director: Mike Nikotin
Animatior: Alvin Zhong

Account Manager: Renee Sundgren
Design Support: Angela Edwards

Usage of imagery via competition winners agreeing to competition T&Cs.  Subway imagery kindly supplied by Forward PMX

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