Clarins Multi-Active: Empowerment Through Influencers


Creating new younger customers for Clarins through narrative-driven influencer storytelling.

The Challenge

Clarins faced the challenge of marketing their new Multi-Active skincare range to an emerging Gen Z and millennial demographic. With proven anti-aging and stress-related aging ingredients, the goal was to refresh their approach and appeal to a younger audience aging into the anti-aging category (traditionally associated with an older demographic).


In a saturated space, an unconventional approach was essential to stand out. The campaign theme “Charge. Glow. Recharge. Repeat.” focused on storytelling and emotional appeal, highlighting skincare routines to manage stress and stress-related aging to ambitious millennials and gen-zers with busy work and social lives.

High-value content creators were recruited to provide an honest look into their busy lifestyles and stress management strategies, demonstrating how the product added value to their lives – not just a product placement.


Collaborating with Bumpp agency, I developed the influencer strategy, shortlisting creators and guiding the campaign’s execution. From negotiation to content review, I provided day-to-day support and ensured alignment with the campaign objectives.

The Numbers

This bold approach delivered exceptional results, with a huge number of younger customers motivated to go in store:

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The campaign’s success was evident not only in social metrics but also in e-commerce and retail performance.  Stockists reported an influx of younger customers seeking Clarins products, proving that a creative and engaging collaboration can achieve more impactful results.

“Alex is an expert in his field of influencers, content creators and producing content that engages and motivates people. He is great to have as part of your team, great in front of clients, and genuinely wants your business and campaigns to succeed. I also appreciate his flexibility and collaboration in finding the best ways to work together on a project when it comes to timelines, budgets/capacity and those unexpected things that jump out on you.”
Gareth Finch
Bumpp Owner

Working in partnership with Bumpp Agency as a freelance consultant

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