LeVeL Lemonade: Sipping Success with Micro-Influencers

The Challenge

Elevating an Australian-owned local lemonade brand, LeVeL Lemonade, through strategic micro-influencer campaigns that spotlight both their delectable taste and health-enhancing benefits.


As a family-owned, Australian-based sports drink supplement, LeVeL Lemonade sought to reinforce its position as a premium soft drink with the health benefits of a sports drink.

Targeting fitness enthusiasts, the challenge was to introduce new products, including a 4-pack Woolworths exclusive and cans with fresh flavours, while emphasising health advantages rather than the conventional soft drink experience.


Efficiency in engaging content creators for small businesses is key. Leveraging self-service platforms like Vamp, I crafted a brief directed at health and fitness content creators.

The challenge? Showcase how LeVeL Lemonade seamlessly integrates with an active lifestyle, striking the perfect balance between workout recovery and indulgence.

Utilising Vamp’s features, I audited applicants based on proposal quality, audience demographics (with a focus on local following and high engagement rates), and authenticity to the campaign. From application to project management and liaison with the client and Vamp’s support team, the process was seamless. The content went live and was strategically amplified with a small paid media spend to maximize reach.

The Numbers

With just 5 influencers on board, the campaign achieved remarkable results:

Video Views
Engagement Rate
0 %
Traffic Increase

Client: LeVeL Beverages:

Chrish Graebner, Katrin Graebner, Allyn Pathania

Influencer Platform: VAMP

Steve Wright, David Whiteway, Katie Bamboa

Paid Media: VAMP

Steve Whiteway

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