Riding the Wave: Igniting Social Media Buzz for The Blind Sea


Igniting social media buzz for an independent surfing docu-film ahead of its Sydney Film Festival premiere and theatrical release.

The Challenge

The Blind Sea’s directors sought a strategic but simple social media approach to amplify awareness, generate excitement, and drive ticket sales as they geared up for their Sydney Film Festival debut and subsequent theatrical release, factoring in limited budgets and capacity

My Role

I initiated with a strategy workshop to define primary objectives and establish social media’s pivotal role:

Accessibility: Highlighting Macular Dystrophy awareness and advocating for cinema accessibility.

Fly On the Wall: Showcasing awe-inspiring visuals of the film crew and surfers in action, capturing Insta-worthy moments.

It Takes a Village: Celebrating community support, spotlighting volunteers, producers, musicians, and all contributors.

Announcements and Promo: Sharing key updates, release dates, and behind-the-scenes insights from screenings.


Reviewing extensive footage and photos, we crafted a content plan, enhancing cinematic assets for Reels/TikTok. I attended screenings, posting real-time stories and crafting recap reels.

The Numbers

The strategy yielded impressive metrics given it’s a small, niche independent production.

Reach Increase
0 %
Engagement Increase
0 %


The Blind Sea enjoyed sold-out screenings at the Sydney Film Festival, coupled with enthusiastic social media feedback, poised to carry this momentum into their theatrical release.

Talent: Matt Formston, Dylan Longbottom
Director: Daniel Fenech
Executive Producer: Erin Fenech

Director of Photography: Chris Bland
Producers: Heath Davis, Nicola Nossal
Social Media: Alex Mills 

"Alex's knowledge of the social landscape is incredible We spoke at lengths with what we wanted to achieve and Alex translated that into a strategy that delivered fantastic results."
Daniel Fenech
The Blind Sea Director

All imagery and videos courtesy of The Blind Sea, shot by Chris Bland. My involvement has been basic editing and tweaks to suit social media best-practises.

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