Spotify More Than Talk: Elevating Conversations and Amplifying Podcast Love


Igniting awareness of Spotify’s podcast offerings through unfiltered conversations with media and TV talent.

The Challenge

Spotify aimed to create a local campaign that not only attracted new users but also positioned them as a podcast provider, particularly among the expanding 35+ demographic. The goal was to deepen their appreciation for the podcast format and showcase the diversity within their catalogue.


 ‘More Than Talk,’ was a communal platform to engage in discussions about podcasts, including listening habits, genres, and other common talking points. 

To ensure buzz and viewership, it was crucial to feature relatable, high-profile names with unique perspectives and passionate followings.


Serving as the hybrid producer and project manager following COVID-related production delays, I spearheaded talent sourcing and scheduling, contracting, overall project management, scripting, and content strategy, with Mushroom Creative acting as production house to shoot and edit the content.

Hosted by Melissa Leong from MasterChef Australia, a devoted podcast listener, the series featured three distinctive guests: activist and survivor Grace Tame, Aboriginal Australian comedy legend Steph Tisdell, and sports broadcaster and human rights activist Craig Foster. The discussions delved into not only their causes but also the podcasts that captivate them, spanning genres from comedy to true crime to law and order.

The content was tailored for major social platforms, with long-form edits for YouTube, medium-form for Facebook, and short-form for Instagram. This strategic approach ensured users could enjoy both bite-sized entertainment and in-depth discussions.

I meticulously reviewed raw footage, providing suitable timecodes for Mushroom’s editors, contributing to the seamless production of the series.

The Numbers

Key highlights included a notable strong completion rate, hitting Spotify’s benchmark view rate for 30-second cutdowns despite the majority of our videos being 10 minutes long. Community engagement was equally impressive, with followers actively participating in various conversation prompts rather than basic metrics.

Videos Produced
Video Views
Engagement Rate
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With an engagement relevance index of 87%, ‘More Than Talk’ demonstrated the value of podcasts to Spotify. The brand continues to prioritize Spotify Originals, with a significant portion of their social activity centered around podcasts, expanding their focus beyond just music.

Agency: Herd MSL
Client: Spotify
Production Partner: Mushroom Group

Spotify Clients: Melissa Circosta & Adam Hutcheson
Herd MSL PR Managers: Cat Schwerdt, Kelsey Harper & Michael Millimachi

Imagery courtesey of Mushroom Group as part of campaign devliverables.

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